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Wedding Bouquet Preservation

preserve your wedding flowers in resin

Modern & unique pieces for your home

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We create modern, uniue and one-of-a-kind pieces for your home by preserving your most precious flowers in resin.


We create beautiful pieces from your wedding bouquet. We also create pieces with flowers from memorials, graduations, proposals, births, and any other special events.

Wedding bouquet preservation

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After receiving your bouquet, we carefully prepare your blooms & greenery by pouring silica gel around and in each flower until they're completely covered. They remain in silica gel for 3-4 weeks until completely dry while still preserving the shape and color.

1. Preserve

Once completely dry, we remove each bloom carefully, dust off any remaining silica gel delicately & work on your design. We send you a design to review & approve. The shapes, colors and textures of your bouquet lend themselves to your design style.

2. Design

we take your design and place it in the mold. We pour many thin layers of resin until the mold is full or reaches the appropriate depth. this process can take weeks as each layer has to cure before beginning the next. Then, it takes another 7 days for your piece to fully cure and harden.

3. Cast

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