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I'm local to Knoxville, can I drop off my bouquet?

Absolutely! We can schedule an appointment to drop off your bouquet, or we can schedule a pick up in Knoxville for a small fee.


We can also coordinate pick up or drop off with your wedding venue or coordinator in the Knoxville area, friends, parents, etc. When your pieces are finished, we will ship them to your front door!

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Are there some flowers that might not dry very well or make it into my pieces?

Yes, there are some very delicate flowers with petals that are not attached very strongly, so they may not make it through the preservation process.


This includes sunflowers, mums, and dahlias. Also, succulents, berries and magnolia blooms do not preserve.


However, we use special techniques for drying delicate flowers and try our best!


If a flower doesn't fully survive the preserving process and many petals fall off, we can still use the petals in coaster designs.


Also, if succulents and berries are an important part of your bouquet, we recommend sending us faux pieces to include.

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How much is shipping for my finished collection?

Shipping for your final pieces is a minimum of $75 for all orders. We ship using ground options with tracking, and we do not ship to PO boxes. We will send you the tracking number for your order. Shipping will be reflected on your final invoice.

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How long does it take after my wedding to receive my order?

From the time we receive your bouquet, it takes approximately 10-12 weeks (or sooner) to be completed and shipped depending on your order and the season.


Peak seasons include the months of May and October.

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Is it safe to put my pieces in direct sunlight or near a heat source?

All expoxy resins will amber over time. We use clear resin that has UV inhibitors and is safe for flowers. To ensure your pieces for years to come, we do not recommend setting them in direct sunlight or near a heat source such as a fireplace.

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Will my flowers look the same as they did on my wedding day?

They will not look exactly the same, but very close! Please keep in mind this is a drying and preserving process, so the colors do not come out as vibrant as they were when they were fresh, although they can be close! Antique and ivory colors tend to darken. Green foliage stays very much the same. White flowers are close, but more ivory. Dark colors such as cranberry, wine, deep blue and deep purple usually darken a more rich tone. Lillies and orchids are not guaranteed to dry their original color, but we hope for the best!

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Is the resin you use safe?

Yes, the casting resin we use is non-toxic, FDA compliant and VOC free. It's made in the USA too! While working, we also wear respirators and gloves.

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Can you hang the pieces that you make?

The square blocks that we make are very heavy and made to set on a shelf, table, bookcase, etc. The coasters we offer are much lighter weight and can be hung like an ornament with ribbon. Please let us know if you are interested in this option!


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