knoxville flower preservation

1. Reserve

We're so excited you'd like to preserve your wedding flowers! First, please fill out our contact form to check availability for your wedding date.


If we confirm availability, there is a $150 non-refundable deposit to secure your date. When your deposit is paid, this officially reserves space in our studio for your flowers. We reserve dates up to 1 year in advance.

floral resin blocks

2. Receive

We need to receive your fresh flowers within 2-3 days of your wedding so your flowers can look their best! Or, we can remake your bouquet if you have a photo. For bouquet remakes, we can use your original florist or we have local florists we work with (extra fees apply). We have options for local drop-off, local pick-up for an additional fee, or shipping instructions.

knoxville wedding florist

3. Preserve

After we receive your bouquet, we carefully prepare your blooms and greenery by pouring silica gel around and in the flowers until they're completely covered.


The silica gel we use is like sand, so it's very fine and works well with delicate flowers. They remain in silica gel for 3-4 weeks until completely dry while still preserving the shape and color.

Floral resin coasters

4. Design

Once completely dry, we remove each bloom carefully, dust off any remaining silica gel delicately & work on your design. We will send you a design(s) to review and approve. The shapes, colors & textures of your bouquet lend themselves to your design style. When your design is approved, the balance including shipping and sales tax (if applicable) is sent to you and due within 2 days of receipt. Upon final payment, we begin casting.

flower resin casting

5. Cast

To begin the casting process, we take your approved design and place it into a mold.


We pour many thin layers of resin until the mold is full or reaches the appropriate depth.


This step can take weeks because each layer has to cure before beginning the next layer.


After all the layers are complete, it takes 7 more days for your piece to fully cure and harden.

Knoxville Floral Preservation

6. Finish

After all of your pieces have cured and hardened, they move on to the final finishing steps. Yay, we're almost there!


This includes smoothing the corners and edges and polishing your pieces so they are smooth, slick, and shiney.


Then, we carefully package all your pieces and ship them to you to enjoy!


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